XKK JSC is a regional leader in the production of natural fruit brandies and premium distillates. The distillery is located in Isperih, a small town in the heart of North-east Bulgaria. The region is known as the field where are grown first-quality fruits in Bulgaria. More than 230 days of sunshine, cool nights and Danube influence are just some of the prerequisites to ensure the development of unique intense flavors in the best fruits from our region.

XKK JSC for a long time has been the largest processor of fruits in the region. Yearly the company buys and process 2,000 tons fruits as the largest share are apricots, which of is produced the company’s flagship - Isperih apricot rakia (brandy). Furthermore the company manufactures premium distillates of cherry, plum, quince, mirabelle, pear, apple, peach and wine. The portfolio includes also series of untraditional distillates produced from fruits such as raspberry, strawberry, chokeberry, sloe and others.

Our top-tier Swiss technology, large experience and cooperation with partners from Germany and Switzerland guarantee the quality of our products.


"ars distillandi aurum potabile" - "the art of distilling drinkable gold." We strive to be close to our customers and always offer the best quality products.


We work hard and are headed afar. We keep up excellence and strive to meet the expectations of our customers.


Its modern distillery XKK JSC built in 1997. The company brought all the necessary equipment from Switzerland and continuously invests in new technologies and its human resources.

Achieving excellence in our brandies begins with selecting the fully ripe fruits of the region. Keeping up a perfect quality established by providing long-term relationships with carefully selected fruit producers who also obeyed strict rules for its production.

Fermentation of the fruits is done under controlled temperatures, which guarantees the maximum preservation of the aromas in fruits. After completion of fermentation, the next process is distillation, which takes place in Swiss copper vessels under strict and constant control, ensuring constant high quality obtained pure, intense distillate. Our top-tier technology ensures complete removal of all unwanted components and guarantees full recovery of all flavors.

Later on is a period of aging and ripening of distillates in special containers and rooms under controlled temperature, where they reach the point of perfection in the final product.

The company has a modern laboratory for monitoring and controlling the parameters of the output of each stage of production.

Water used in the manufacture of company’s high quality products is derived from its own well of depth 800 m.

  • Distillation roomCapacity of raw material: 12 Tons / 24h

  • New modern design for bottlesAll products have high quality Portuguese cork stoppers

  • We manufacture our premium distillates on 75% vol.alcWith great accuracy we take only "the heart" of distillate

  • Distillate aging cellarCapacity: 25'000 Liters

  • Award for Isperih apricot rakiaBest fruit brandy and Consumer's #1 product of 150 others