Quince rakia

Gorgeous brandy from carefully selected ripe quinces of Bulgarian varieties. Distinguished by an intense captivating aroma of quinces. The taste is soft, harmonious and elegant, with explosive fruit tones and a long lingering finish.

40% alc./vol., 0.5l
Serving temperature: 16 – 18 °С

It takes 10 kg quinces to produce a bottle of Isperih quince rakia

Bottle price 13.20 lv. (with VAT)
Carton (6 bottles) price 79.20 lv. (with VAT)

Free delivery, for order with more than 6 bottles (1 carton).

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  • Distillation roomCapacity of raw material: 12 Tons / 24h

  • New modern design for bottlesAll products have high quality Portuguese cork stoppers

  • We manufacture our premium distillates on 75% vol.alcWith great accuracy we take only "the heart" of distillate

  • Distillate aging cellarCapacity: 25'000 Liters

  • Award for Isperih apricot rakiaBest fruit brandy and Consumer's #1 product of 150 others

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