Quince rakia - Premium Reserve

Quince rakia - Premium Reserve
  • Fruit variety: Asenitsa and Pazardzhik apple quince
  • Origin: Tsalapitsa village, SW Bulgaria
  • Aging: 3-5 Years
  • Barrels: 225-Liters French oak
  • Aroma: typical for the fruit, oaky, vanilla, coconut and marzipan
  • Flavour: smooth and elegant finish, long and complex, full-bodied
  • Volume: 500 ml
  • Alc: 43%
  • Serving temperature: 16 – 18 °С
  • Enjoy it in our branded tulip glass Isperih!
22.99 lv. inc. VAT
Availability: Available
Exquisite fruit spirit made from carefully selected ripe quinces from old Bulgarian varieties.

This reserve rakia is the second product in a new line of Premium Reserve fruit spirits which will show the very best products from our aging cellar. The rakia is a result of blending the best barrels filled with quince distillate and aged from 3 to 5 years in French oak. It is handcrafted and numbered in small batch of 1650 bottles.

Distinguished by an intense captivating aroma of vanilla and quinces. The taste is soft, harmonious and elegant with explosive fruit flavors, some tobacco, marzipan and caramel and a long lingering oaky finish.
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