Apple distillate

Apple distillate

The apple distillate takes up a small part of our annual production. We usually produce it with the spring coming in April. "Bulgarian Calvados" distilled from the Golden and Red varieties.

The apples use in the recent years we buy from a fruit cold store. This results very pleasantly in the aroma profile of our Apple rakia Isperih, where light waxy notes appear in the background. The explanation for the phenomenon is that a prolonged storage of apples produces a light wax layer on the fruit.

Technological processing is standard and involves grinding the fruit with hammer crushers. In this way the apple pies, in which the aromatic substances are concentrated, remains in the fruit mash during fermentation. Next, we add yeast and slightly heat the fruit mash if necessary.

After distillation, part of the apple distillate is loaded into oak barrels for aging. This is one of our finest brandy, which can be matched with the best French samples.

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