Malted barley distillate / Bulk whisky / Malted rye whisky

Malted barley distillate / Bulk whisky / Malted rye whisky
What exactly is whiskey?
Whiskey is a distilled alcoholic drink made from fermented grain mashes. They’re typically aged in charred oak barrels until they reach their desired production age. The most common grains used to make whiskey include corn, barley, rye, and wheat.
The grain we use for our whisky are malted barley and malted rye.

Whiskey is defined as an alcoholic beverage distilled from grain and aged in wood barrels. There must be no added flavoring for a whiskey to be a whiskey; all the flavor must come from the barrel the whiskey is aged in.

Our whisky is absolutely honest and natural and is aged in different type of casks mainly American oak casks. For finishing our whiskies we use very often rare casks like ex-fruit brandy or Strandja oak casks (an old and rare limited Bulgarian type of oak). FInishing whisky in barrels used for aging fruit spirits (apricot/plum/cherry brandy) imparts the spirit with some nice vanilla-like pear-like or marmelady fruitty flavors and notes. The result is unique and boutique taste of whisky which can differentitate from the other of malts from the world.

We can provide any Whiskey you may need in a number of different volumes. From the small startup to the established brand looking to increase capacity.
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