Have you ever thought of making a brandy or some kind of sprits with your brand for your restaurant, shop or collection? Well, that's perfectly feasible with us. We have already realized many successful projects with various partners such as Raketa Rakia Bar, Dobro and Red House Restaurants, Merak Restaurant, Seven Generations Winery, private individuals, collectors, producers and importers of fruits, etc.

How is the project implemented?

1) First, we start by choosing a type of brandy - apricot, plum, grape, cherry, ... We check whether what you are looking for is available among our distillery stocks - aged and fresh. We do various samples and tastings until we find the right profile of your brandy.

2) The second option is to distill you a rakia from your raw material. For a connoisseur from Sofia we distilled coconut water extracted from fresh cocoons for the production of coconut brandy. For restaurants Good, Red House and Trikrakoto Chicken we produced grape brandy from the Hamburger Misket supplied by them.

Once we have the brandy follows the easy part - bottle selection and label design. If necessary, we can help with the experience we have gained so far.

Follows bottling, labeling, banding, packaging and expedition of the brandy to you.

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