We founded our distillery in 1997 when we brought three copper pot stills from Switzerland with the idea of producing a little apricot and plum distillate for Switzerland. Initially, this was a small workshop, part of the former Refrigerated Canning Complex, but we gradually began to buy more fruits and increase our capacities. In 2003, the stills became 5 - we bought two more modern copper pot stills again from Switzerland. We have constantly invested in increasing the capacity for fruit processing and fermentation. We have started to produce and export distillates from all the traditional fruits of our country. We have experimented and continue to do this by distilling non-traditional and forest fruits such as blackberries, melons, figs, wild pears, aronia and others. Nowadays, the distillery is our only focus in which we see our future and that of our children and we continue to develop and modernize it. To date, our production is divided into two shares - export of bulk distillates of cherries, apricots, peaches and plums to Western Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, etc.) and bottled production of high quality rakia (brandy) for the Bulgarian and soon for the US market. In 2017, we trusted a well-established Bulgarian producer of distilling equipment Benkovski Co. Ltd. by purchasing and installing a brand new 3-Ton copper pot still in our distillery.

About us

"HKK" AD today can be called a family distillery, in which side-by-side work together father and son Musa. In 1983 Eng. Orhan Musa began his work path here in the former Refrigerated Canning Complex as chief engineer with 800 fellow workers. After 33 years and crops today, he has managed to preserve and transform the plant into a modern distillery and continues to work with a modest, highly qualified team. "Together, we manage to process about 2 million kg of fruit each year. Our campaigns are long, starting with the first fruits of May - the cherries and ending with the last November quinces. Most important for us are the apricots from which we distill apricot distillate which is with the largest share of our production. Achieving excellence in our brandies begins with selecting the fully ripe fruits of the region. Keeping up a perfect quality established by providing long-term relationships with carefully selected fruit producers who also obeyed strict rules for its production. Fermentation of the fruits is processed in stainless steel tanks under controlled temperatures, which guarantees the maximum preservation of the aromas in fruits. We distill on Swiss copper pot stills under strict and constant control, ensuring constant high quality obtained pure, intense distillate. Our top-tier technology ensures complete removal of all undesired compounds and guarantees full extraction of all fruit flavors.

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