Fruit Brandy of the Year 2015

Quince rakia

Absolutely gorgeous brandy! It's fascinating aroma and complex body impress every connoisseur of fine eau-de-vie

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Quince rakia Quince rakia
Rare distillates

Fig rakiaSimply the Best!

We feel very very proud of this brandy! Try it!

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Fig rakia Fig rakia
Rare distillates

Aronia rakiaLimited edition!

Genuine distillate from the fruits of aronia melanocarpa

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Aronia rakia Aronia rakia
Barrel aged

Grape rakia3YO brandy

This brandy is our first barrel aged rakia since we build our own cellar. It has very complex character with vanilla, coconut and tabacco notes.

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Grape rakia Grape rakia

We already have hundreds friends connoisseurs of Rakia Isperih

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