Аpricot distillate

The apricot distillate counts for 50-60% of our total production. We buy and process more than 1 million kg apricots a year.

Quince distillate

Quince distillate takes a modest place from our annual production, but from it we produce our most aromatic and gorgeous Quince rakia Isperih, awarded for Fruit brandy of 2015 in Bulgaria.

Cherry distillate

This product is about one-fifth of our annual production. In rich harvests like this in 2014, it has formed up to 50% of the volume.

Peach distillate

Peaches have become already a traditional fruit for our country. There are large peach plantations near Sliven, where most of our supplies are.

Apple distillate

The apple distillate takes up a small part of our annual production. We usually produce it with the spring coming in April.

Plum distillate

The plum distillate accounts for about 15-20% of our annual production. With very favorable crops like this in 2016, we bought up to 800 tons of plums.

Wine distillate

Wine distillates still does not have a significant share of our annual production. Nevertheless, certain quantities of grapes are processed annually.

Malted barley distillate

What exactly is whiskey? Whiskey is a distilled alcoholic drink made from fermented grain mashes. They’re typically aged in charred oak barrels until they reach their desired production age.

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