Quince distillate takes a modest place from our annual production, but from it we produce our most aromatic and gorgeous Quince rakia Isperih, awarded for Fruit brandy of 2015 in Bulgaria. The variety we select includes the old Bulgarian varieties Asenitsa and Pazardjik apple quinces. This varieties are more juicy, smaller and softer. Their aroma is superb.

We receive quinces usually in early November. For several years we've been working well with a bio-certified manufacturer in the Pchelnik village, Dobrich. Together, we select the right picking time, which ensures the highest quality of the fruits.

It is a challenge to make a nice quince brandy. The first thing we do with the quiils after they arrive is to smash them with hammer crushers of fine fruit puree. This is the most important moment - the fruit pulp is then steamed at 55-60 ° C. This heating helps esteric and aromatic formation, which then results in the unique aroma of Quince rakia Isperih. Then we cool the mash and add special pectolytic enzymes. At about 25 ° C, we add a selected yeast culture and fermentation begins for 10-12 days.

Careful distillation and resting of the finished distillate is carried out in a special container.

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