The plum distillate accounts for about 15-20% of our annual production. With very favorable crops like this in 2016, we bought up to 800 tons of plums.

We produce two types of plum distillate - a distillate of prunes and Mirabelle distillate. Blue plums are bought exclusively from our region by the orchards near Vazovo village, Ludogortsi and Rakovski villages. The varieties we use are Stanley 90% and up to 10% Chachanska lepotitsa.

We also produce Mirabelle distillate. These are small, yellow, very sweet plums of the French Nancy Mirabelle variety. Mirabelle rakia is still a new and exotic kind of brandy in Bulgaria, but it is very popular and traditional drink in France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The technological path of processing is the same as for all other stone fruits. Removal of stones, grinding, fermentation at controlled temperatures and distillation and resting (lagering) of the distillate. Review the rakia we have been produced by this distillate.

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