This product is about one-fifth of our annual production. In rich harvests like this in 2014, it has formed up to 50% of the volume. We buy fresh cherries from our region and from Southwestern Bulgaria from the region of Plovdiv. There are predominantly traditional varieties like Bing, Van and Lambert. The best quality and sweet cherries, however, are from the Isperih region, where new cherry gardens are being built with new Italian varieties that give a large, juicy, aromatic and sweet fruit. From them we produce our unique Cherry rakia Isperih.

Unlike Western Europe, where cherries ferments with the stones, we de-stone the fruits before fermentation. This prevents us from the presence of increased amounts of cyanide in the distillate. In Germany, Switzerland and Austria, it is perceived that the cherry distillate has stone notes in the aroma. But our philosophy and vision of cherry brandy are different.

What would you like more as a style and distilling philosophy can you check by tasting our Cherry rakia Isperih!

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